Headteacher Mrs Sue BlackburnDesignated Safeguarding Lead
School Administrators Mrs Nicola Power
Mrs Lorna Wickens
Class One
Reception – Year
Mrs Heather DavisMiss Yasmin Robson
Mrs Anne Baugh (Classroom Assistant)
Class Two
Years 3 – 6
Mrs Ann Spandrzyk- Teacher
Mrs Liz Acocks (Classroom assistant)
Lunchtime Assistants Mrs Anne Baugh
Mrs Lorna Wickens
Cleaner Mrs Kim Hansen
Janitor Mrs Anne Baugh


Mrs Sam Howells

Mrs Ann Spandrzyk

Mrs Alex Chown-Motague

Class sizes vary from year to year, according to the number of children on the school roll.

The school has a statutory responsibility not to exceed 30 pupils in any Foundation or Key Stage 1 class.

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