Executive Headteacher Mrs Claire Gaskin – Responsible for the strategic leadership of the academy
Head of School Mr Christian Sharp – Responsible for the day-to-day effective running of the academy
School Administrators Mrs Nicola Power

Mrs Lorna Wickens

Rainbow ClassReception, Year 1 &Year 2 Mrs Lauren Egan – Class Teacher (responsible for Reception)

Mrs Claire Heath – Class Teacher (Responsible for Year 1 and Year 2)

Mrs Anne Baugh – Teaching Assistant

Mr Sam Walford – Teaching Assistant

Aldenham ClassYear 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Mr Christian Sharp – Class Teacher (Responsible of English and Maths)

Mrs Lauren Egan – Class teacher (Responsible for the Foundation subjects)

Mrs Liz Acocks – Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants Mrs Anne Baugh

Mrs Liz Acocks

Mr Sam Walford

Lunchtime Assistants Mrs Anne Baugh

Mrs Lorna Wickens

Mrs Liz Acocks

Mr Sam Walford

Designated Safeguarding Leads Mrs Claire GaskinMr Christian Sharp
Cleaner Mrs Kim Henson
EWO Mrs Jo Smith (Shropshire Education)
SENCO Mr Christian Sharp



Class sizes vary from year to year, according to the number of children on the school roll.

The school has a statutory responsibility not to exceed 30 pupils in any Foundation or Key Stage 1 class


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