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Religious Education (RE)

R.E. is a core, academic subject and is taught weekly by all classes. All statutory requirements are met. It follows the same principles as learning in all of our subjects. We follow the Herefordshire Agreed Syllabus, use Understanding Christianity and plans are developed based upon this. Planning is carefully thought out and key vocabulary. Progression across each year and between year groups is clear. 


We want children who ask questions about life, its meaning, beliefs,  identity and values.

Our current planning and a subject termly plan are shown below. Finally, the endpoints we expect children to reach at each phase of their learning can also be viewed below.

Professional development opportunities through the Diocesan team are varied and make a difference. Staff training has had real impact as staff knowledge of the links, symbols, images and 'big story' have been developed. 


C.P.D in Religious Education is ongoing. As a core subject this matters in order for us to give children the best provision and opportunities to learn. Coupled with assessment which has purpose and impacts on future plans we make sure that children are both supported and challenged.